The Rebirth of NFTs
Renaissance is a community-owned marketplace for fractionalized NFTs.
Start building your Bluechip NFT portfolio.
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Diversify your portfolio with
fractionalized NFTs.
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Verified selections
Professionally curated and verified
Bluechip collections for maximized returns
by industry experts.
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Affordable price
Buy shares of Bluechip NFTs without
spending your entire savings in one JPG.
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Liquidate quickly
No more goodbyes to your cherished NFTs.
Sell only a portion when you need a quick
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Buy & Sell in real-time
fNFTs with Automated Market Maker
(AMM) allows seamless trading on-chain
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Multiply your ecosystem
NFT artists can use the Renaissance Lab
protocol to market and sell your NFTs.
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Communal Governance
Collaborate with like-minded fNFT holders
to maximize profit by voting for the target
sale price.
How It Works
Buy and sell fractionalized NFTs
in a few minutes
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NFT Selection
Choose a NFT
Choose a NFT you want to buy from the
active fNFT pools and on-going Initial
Fractional Offerings on the Marketplace.
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ETH Aurora Swap
Bridge ETH to Aurora
Send ETH to Aurora network on Rainbow
Bridge. Aurora has one of the lowest gas
fees and transaction times!
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Purchase fNFT with ETH
Directly purchase fractionalized NFTs
with ETH on the marketplace.
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take wheels of our journey.
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